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Bolivia for the world fair was created with the objective of encouraging the economic reactivation post covid - 19, from the year 2021.
The visionary team of CAMEX project this initiative initially with the purpose of helping the export sector (Pymes and corporations) to diversify our export offer.

Such was the success of its first version reaching a business intention of 13,000,000 USD, which is now projected as an international promotion activity with growth prospects and competing at regional level in terms of exportable goods..

Our Mission

To provide a virtual and face-to-face negotiation space that will generate business opportunities and support our Bolivian companies to be competitive internationally through new arrival formats.

Our Vision

The fair “Bolivia for the World” aims to position itself as a benchmark of Bolivian production in the world, promoting its sustainable development.


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About this event

Why join this event?

Bolivia for the world 2022 is a space in which Bolivian producers present their products to international and national buyers, the ideal place to do business and demonstrate their export potential

What are the opportunities for me?

– Access to international markets
– Expand customer portfolio
– Contact with strategic partners
– Networking with leading entrepreneurs in each sector

How this event is performed?

The business session will have a hybrid modality, developing activities in virtual and face-to-face meetings, developing in this way an extraordinary commercial agenda.

Which countries demand Bolivian products?

Twenty-two countries were identified as potential export destinations, among which we mention: Brazil, Mexico, United States, Peru, Canada, Uruguay, Denmark, Japan, Spain, Great Britain, Chile, Colombia, Germany,

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